‚Remixes are a fantastic way of attracting new audiences to your music.‘

‚Remixes are a fantastic way of attracting new audiences to your music.‘ Got a great mainstream singer/songwriter track but you need a bit of club exposure? Got a great electro-pop radio tune but you want it to be dropped by dubstep dj’s? With the right treatment your song will make every DJ happy and wreck the dance floors. 2Hero got quite an experience with dance music and its diverse sub- and sub-sub genres. That is, we know how to shake the room. 

In addition to dedicated remix production skills it takes comprehensive knowledge of genre-specific Do’s and Don’ts in order to create credible remix works with just the right appeal. There’s quite a track record of songs that became hits because of great remixes rather than being hits in the first place. To us remix production means to take a fresh perspective on the song, be it rhythmically, harmonically or style-wise. Remixes are great tools of discovering unknown sides of your material. 

Dope or whack? In a constantly changing scene it’s key to know about the latest and greatest. 2Hero are deeply rooted in the dance scene – that’s why we can deliver first class remixes that feel (and are in fact) truly original. From main room to leftfield, from minimal house to dubstep…. always with a heartfelt and unique approach truly serving your song.