‚A great song is a great song‘

‚A great song is a great song is a great song‘. Songwriting is about putting your ideas and emotions into music. It’s about listening to yourself. There is a zillion of ways of how to write a good song, we believe songwriting to be a very intimate, personal thing. Still, occasionally you might need assistance finishing/polishing your writing: Got a great chorus but you just can’t seem to get a decent verse? Stuck with working out the hook line? 2Hero will gladly assist you finishing what you have already started as our approach is widely adaptive. In this regard ‘writing’ is not to be understood too literally, you don’t need to either read music or play an instrument. There are plenty of other options for creating, exchanging and fine-tuning songwriting ideas.

Don’t know how to write a song at all? Lost in prosody? No idea how to transform an underlying message into accessible music? No problem, we can help you with that. Having a track record of 500+ releases we developed diverse and sophisticated skills in songwriting and co-writing while keeping an eye on how well a certain song fits a certain artist / vocal talent. Today, more than ever matching song and artist is crucial to deliver that next hit track. Effectively combining production and songwriting assets means to fully understand and utilize both stages for the benefit of the final song. In terms of musical genres we’re open to a full host of contemporary and classic styles, be it full-blown, ‘in yer face’ radio pop or fragile singer/songwriter works.