music production

‚2Hero is about music production with an attitude‘ 

Our approach to music production is plain & simple: make the song shine and make the artist look great! Music with an attitude is the name of the game. Wherever your project is at right now our modus operandi will adapt to it: whether you need assistance going this very last mile or you don’t know how to produce music at all, award-winning 2Hero come to rescue. In music production/ co-production our way of working is song-sensitive and careful and we never lose sight of the big picture, neither in musical terms nor in managing / administrating your project.

Your project deserves high-end custom production and fine-tuning to really stand out. Got a great song with great performances but it still doesn’t sound quite right to you? Need a bigger instrumentation / arrangement? We’ll bring in our comprehensive experience and skills in order to assess where you are at and push the right buttons to create a truly outstanding and competitive result. Yes, we do consider music production a very creative process. Thus, we don’t rely on pre-fabricated, out-of-the-box ingredients, we rather build stuff on our own since you and your songs aren’t off-the-shelf neither, right? Rather taking the bull by the horns than delivering outdated and over-used bread & butter sounds. After all, we all strive for those original, credible and purely emotional pieces of music, don’t we? 

In case you’re already entirely happy with your production and thus just need a hand mixing your project we’ll gladly assist you with that. That is, we can enter your project at every stage, giving you maximum flexibility and custom-tailored services to successfully complete your project. Be in control. Review every step we take and we tweak it until it’s perfect. Constantly exchange ideas with us to make your dream song/album come true.

In time. Within the budget. Music production with an attitude.