DEVOUT by James Higginson. Music score by Roland Hackl and Heiko Bandasch.


DEVOUT presents a journey through contemporary monastic life as an archaic utopia, a timeless spiritual sphere that is as beautiful and harsh as the mountain terrain of the Caucasus, tempting but unforgiving, a riddle like god and faith. DEVOUT provides a glimpse into the life of a 22-year-old Georgian Orthodox monk, Father Anubi, as he contemplates his understanding of faith. This inspirational story follows him as he travels the forest paths between the many monasteries in his pristine, picturesque valley. The film bears cinematic witness as it presents a stunning visual portrait of the monks, their contemporary, ritualistic lives, and the work inside the monasteries. DEVOUT is an artistic documentary, where by, Director James Higginson minimizes the traditional narrative format …

Music score and production by 2heroPRODUCTIONS: Roland Hackl and Heiko Bandasch.