„This Is DelaDap“ NEW album OUT now!! (Chat Chapeau Nouveau / AT 2014)

Welcome to „This Is DelaDap“!

It doesn ́t take too much imagination to vision music-lovers hearing this music and than walk up to the Dj in a club or check the track-service of their favorite radio-station – who is this? „This Is DelaDap“.
Which is also the title of the new, sixth album by Vienna based DelaDap. Without talking down on their former relases it ́s easily their most complete, fully realised album yet, it ́s ten new songs rich with catchy refrains and irresistible rhythms, at the same time full of subtle details and suprising sonic joys.

Which is just about right, as „This Is DelaDap“ also serves as a celebration of DelaDap ́s 10th anniversary. In 2004 the band and it ś mastermind, DJ, producer and musician Stani Vana stunned audience and critics alike with „Cigani Rusza + Angelo“ and their fresh take on a clubwise pop music incooperating and embracing many different musical dialects from around the globe. DelaDap ́s music continued to grow and develop ever since, pleasing live- audiences everywhere as well as helping the peope to get it on at the dancefloor with their tracks. Their overall sound is more powerful and clearer than ever, generously helped by sounddesign- and mix wizzards Heiko Bandasch and Roland Hackl (2hero productions) as DelaDap ́s committed and gifted partners in sound for almost three years now.
„This Is DelaDap“ kicks off with „I Know“, an extremly charming piece of music knowingly (sic!) celebrating the joys of the arriving daylight, while a little later on a song like „Tu Es Beaux“ marvels at the night finally falling. Not only for this it deserves closer attention, as it ́s one of the (many!) crowning glories of this incredibly strong collection of songs. „Tu Es Beaux“ beautifully reflects DelaDaps musical modus operandi to take musical cues from almost everywhere and make them their own with a lyric mixing up english, french and german words – and making total sense in the process!
One of the strengths of „This Is DelaDap“ is the songwriting-team of Stani Vana and singer Tania Saedi, who not only graces the album with her incredible and sensual vocal performances throughout, but also kicks up DelaDap ́s game various steps with her fresh and multi faceted lyricism.
Often starting with basic ideas and notions going through Vana ́s mind while developing the music the duo manages to get downright philosophical – „One Goal in The End“ or „While You Sleep“ – without ever being boring or strongheaded. On the other hand DelaDap have lost nothing of their joie de vivre as delightful songs like „Caravan Of Clouds“ or „Sky Rocket Tonight“ prove.
They even deliver a „state of the world“-adress you can (no, you have to!) sing along with and dance to – the simpy great „Cash And Chaos“. Elsewhere they suprise with an ode to the city
that ́s essential for the DelaDap experience – „Vienna“ – touching and playing on Vana ́s obsession with that town ́s vibrant and varied history.
Mostly recorded by the brilliant liveband DelaDap (Stani Vana – Dj / Tania Saedi – Voc. / Alen Dzambic – Acc. / Christof Zellhofer – Trump. / Matthias Auinger – Drums) with a little help from gifted friends „This Is DelaDap“ keeps up the tradition of working with „outside“ musicians, even allowing for a feature by singer Yola B, who makes „Listen Up“, the album ́s second track a real treat – also showcasing Roland Hackl ́s great hand at songwriting. Ending this totally pleasant collection of sounds, grooves, melodies and words with a N.O.H.A. remix of „One Goal In The End“ – one might not be mistaken to see this song as one possible centerpiece of this carefully constructed album – it ́s obvious why Vana & Co arrived at the title „This Is DelaDap“ for their new „baby“. Because, simply and magnifically – it is!